Mayor Klaus Groß would very much welcome Westerstede’s active participation in the Wunderline project. In his eyes this is sure to lead to further development opportunities regarding public transportation.

The Wunderline is the talk of the town. At all levels – i.e. municipal, district as well as federated state level – the project aimed at providing a cross-border railway connection between Bremen and Groningen, on the one hand offers the prospect of better railway connections, yet on the other has also led to some scepticism.

Those present at the last meeting of the Committee of Economy, Tourism, Market and Mobility are very much aware that the municipality of Westerstede definitely does not belong to the last category. During the meeting the issue of authorising Mayor Klaus Groß of Westerstede to sign a statement of intention regarding the Wunderline-project aiming to improve the mobility chain, was addressed. For Westerstede this in concrete terms refers to a bus connection to the Ocholt railway station.

Convinced as he is of the importance of the Wunderline project, Mayor Klaus Groß requested the committee for permission to sign the statement of intent. “We ought to be actively participating in this project”, he stated. In the wake of the Wunderline project even an underground connection with the Ocholt railway station could be a future option, Groß, who considers the project as a major opportunity, brought forward.

If it’s up to Jürgen Drieling (FDP), this is exactly what should be opted for. Indeed, the Wunderline project actually incorporates the intention of trains stopping at the Ocholt railway station in the coming years. Whether that option remains viable in the distant future, is far from certain. “That’s something not even the project manager can guarantee at this point”, the Council Member stated.

At the end of the meeting, the Committee Members were unanimous in their judgement: all were in favour of Mayor Klaus Groß signing the statement of intent.

This decision was also supported by Esther Welter (Grüne), who welcomed the fact that Westerstede is actively promoting its own ideas regarding the mobility chain.

The final decision regarding this issue however is up to the Westerstede City Council. Its next session is scheduled for 26 March. Leading up to this meeting, the management committee shall address the Wunderline options within a closed-doors session.

Photo: Mayor Klaus Groß of Westerstede

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