The German municipality of Westoverledingen is doing everything in its power to realise an appealing railway station, which in the future would allow the Wunderline to stop in the centre of the small town of Ihrhove. The intention is to build the railway station at the Deichstraße near the railway crossing located in the town’s centre. A plan for an alternative, more decentral station was abandoned due to its poor accessibility as well as lack of high quality services for waiting travellers.

Last Friday the municipality was happy to welcome Birgit Honé – the Minister of Federal and European Affairs of Lower Saxony – in an effort to promote the city centre as a potential station site. “I also consider this site the better choice, as it offers enough room to accommodate both (parked) cars as well as bicycles. It would be a good thing if all gathered here would support this option”, the Minister stated at the end of her visit.

Jans Zwiers and Marloes Kramer-Hammenga of the Dutch Provincial Office of the Wunderline project provided all present with an update of the current developments regarding the project. As it appears, the current continuing, cross-border connection process between Groningen and Bremen will prove to enhance the appeal of the whole region as well as facilitate its joint growth.

Mayor Theo Douwes pointed out that – in addition – the option of creating a new railway station for the RE15 along the Emden-Rheine stretch, is also being accessed. The Wunderline could also benefit from this potential development, as it would allow passengers of the Emslandlinie to transition earlier to the Wunderline: in Ihrhove instead of later on in Leer.

In the photograph, from left to right:

Matthias Groote (District Commissioner), Johanne Modder (Member of the Lower Saxony Parliament), Tiemo Wolken (Member of the European Parliament), Marloes Kramer-Hammenga, Theo Douwes (Mayor), Minister Birgit Honé, Johann Saathoff (Member of the German Parliament)

Source: the Municipality of Westoverledingen

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