German and Dutch mayors and members of the municipal executive are committed to the Wunderline – a fast railway connection between Groningen and Bremen. They met last Thursday 5 July in Leer in order to discuss the latest developments regarding the project during the annual Wunderline meeting. In this context, a statement of intent was signed by all present government officials regarding their joint efforts to realise the Wunderline.

The Wunderline shall allow travellers to travel from Groningen to Bremen (or vice versa) by train in just over two hours, thus boosting the economy, the labour market as well as the liveability of both northern border regions in Germany and the Netherlands. By now, already eighteen of the twenty German and Dutch municipalities along the railway line have announced their willingness to sign the statement of intent.

Their signature is a vote of confidence in their ability to agree – before the end of this year – on further concrete measures regarding the realisation of the Wunderline. The District of Leer, the City of Oldenburg, the Association of Municipalities of Jümme, the City of Leer, the Municipality of Bunde, the Municipality of Apen, the City of Weener, the Municipality of Oldambt and the Municipality of Hatten were the first to put their signatures under the statement. The rest of the municipalities, which couldn’t be present during the meeting due to the holidays, will sign the joint statement after the summer. Subsequently, the statement of intent shall be presented by the signatories to all (local) authorities involved – the Province of Groningen, the Federal State of Lower Saxony, the Federal State of Bremen, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management as well as the Ministry of Transport bij de Bund – in order to express the expected value and necessity of the Wunderline for both border regions.

In addition, all 67 officials present were informed about the current state of affairs regarding the realisation of the Wunderline as well as regarding the options for improving related door-to-door transportation in the area. Professor Hoffmann of the European Medical School in Oldenburg emphasised the importance of the Wunderline for scientist and student exchange programs in our border region.

Photograph – from left to right:

Mayor Pundt (the Municipality of Hatten), Alderman Swagerman (the Municipality of Oldambt), Mayor Huber (the Municipality of Apen) Mayor Boelsen (the Municipality of Jümme), the District Chief Executive Groote (the Rural District of Leer), Mayor Krogmann (the City of Oldenburg), Mayor Kuhl (the City of Leer), Mayor Sap (the Municipaltiy of Bunde), Mayor Sonnenberg (the City of Weener).

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