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Talks between the Wunderline project group from Groningen and the Ostfriesland and Papenburg Chamber of Industry & Commerce – in the small town of Emden.

At the invitation of the eponymous project group of the Dutch province of Groningen, a meeting about the so-called Wunderline railway connection Bremen-Groningen has taken place in the Chamber of Industry & Commerce offices in Emden – between representatives of PRO BAHN (the Ems-Jade region), Oldenburg (district), Bremen (state) and the Ostfriesland and Papenburg Chamber of Industry & Commerce (the latter in the person of Alexander Malchus).

The meeting’s main objective was to gain more input from the perspective of potential users in the context of the envisaged Wunderline. First the considerations were explained on which the improvement of the railway connection between the regional centres of Groningen, Oldenburg and Bremen was based. Subsequently research results up until now were presented and expanded upon, whereby the capacity of the existing railway connections – both single-track and double-track as well as electrified and non-electrified – were highlighted. Their – both regional as well as cross-border – transport value (differentiated in passenger and freight transport) were also illustrated. The discussion however was mainly focused on exploring other possible aspects regarding public passenger transport. In this context the insights, wishes and constructive remarks of the PRO BAHN-representatives played an important role.

The talks were predominantly marked by business-like contributions and less by complaints or individual interests.

Another remarkable aspect was the high level of interest shown by the Dutch representatives from the province of Groningen – Margreet Noordhof and Marloes Hammenga – for the remarks and views of the PRO BAHN representatives.

The participants of the talks were also quite impressed by the working method of the Wunderline project group. For instance, it became clear, at what an early stage of the development of the Wunderline concept, large segments of society had been involved in the opinion building process.

This kind of an approach also appeared to be advocated by the PRO BAHN policy makers regarding German traffic infrastructure measures in general.

Quite apart from the abovementioned aspects, PRO BAHN indicated that it considers the ambition of establishing better railway services in the Groningen region as well as in North West Lower Saxony as an opportunity to reorient mobility in general towards railway transportation. PRO BAHN is therefore following the Wunderline project with great interest and also utilising its influence to support it.

The PRO BAHN representatives expressed their appreciation towards the Wunderline project group and the (host of the) Ostfriesland and Papenburg Chamber of Industry & Commerce for their efforts made so far, in addition stating they were looking forward to enhance the level of information exchange and collaboration regarding the passenger aspects of the project.

About the PRO BAHN travellers organisation

PRO BAHN – a non-profit organisation of passengers of public transport active all over Germany – has approximately 4.000 members and promotes the interests of passengers of public transport. The organisation works with volunteers, is actively involved in many bodies and seeks to influence both politicians and authorities as well as transport companies towards establishing more attractive and better public transport services.

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