From 2 December 2015 onwards the Niedersachsen-Ticket Plus Groningen shall also be available for travellers at the Arriva Store at Groningen Central Station. The ticket has been developed by the Niedersachsentarif organization in collaboration with Arriva.

This ticket allows travellers to travel freely from the city of Groningen to the cities of Leer, Oldenburg, Bremen and other towns all across Niedersachsen. The ticket was already available online since the summer. Now it’s also available at a special Deutsche Bahn (DB) service desk in the Arriva Store. On 2 December 2015 the service desk was officially opened by Provincial Executive member Gräper-van Koolwijk of the province of Groningen and region manager Henk Feijen of Arriva North-Netherlands.

The Niedersachsen-Ticket Plus Groningen costs € 48 for 5 people and is valid on working days from 9:00 AM in the morning until 03.00 AM the next day. During weekends and on public holidays the ticket is already valid at 00:00 hours. A single Niedersachsen-Ticket plus Groningen costs € 28 and each additional person costs an additional € 5. The DB service desk in the Arriva Store does charge an supplementary fee of €2.

The number of passengers which travel via the railway section between the cities of Groningen and Leer – known as the Wiederline – has grown considerably. From the direction of Germany, an increased use of the Wiederline can also be seen. This is mainly due to the improved timetables and the recently available new and cheaper tickets, such as the Niedersachsen-Ticket Plus Groningen. Since the end of 2013, a train has been running – every hour from Monday to Saturday – between he the cities of Groningen and Leer. From 13 December 2015 the train will be available every hour on Sundays as well.

Deutsche Bahn
At the DB service desk at Groningen Central Station other tickets – besides the Niedersachsen-Ticket Plus Groningen – to all destinations in Germany are also available. With this service, the Deutsche Bahn aims to serve the market in the northern parts of the Netherlands even better.


The Ems-Friesenbrücke Railway Bridge

The Niedersachsen-Ticket Plus Groningen is also valid for the modified travel schedule (express bus). Click here for more information.

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