Promising prospect of the “Wunderline”: by train from Sandkrug to Oldenburg. Though the Sandkrug railway station is not directly located along the Wunderline railway connection, the Wunderline project may otherwise still be of great importance to the mobility of Hatten residents.

According to Municipal Committee Chairman Niels-Christian Heins, the municipality of Hatten will definitely “benefit greatly from infrastructural projects in our region”. His assessment is now further underlined by Hatten’s Committee for Municipal Development and Environment by granting the signing of a letter of intent regarding the so-called “Wunderline”. This project aims to improve the mobility chain at the railway station along the Groningen-Leer-Oldenburg-Bremen railway connection.

Though the Sandkrug railway station is not directly located along the Wunderline railway connection, the municipality of Hatten is very likely to indirectly benefit from this railway connection. Jans Zwiers, deputy manager of the Wunderline project, informed the committee Wednesday evening about the ins and outs of the project as well as its indirect effects for a small town like Hatten. “Our goal is to realise a major cross-border network, preferably including all districts, cities and municipalities neighbouring the directly involved areas”, Zwiers stated. Here in Hatten, this – for instance – might imply adjusting and thus properly aligning existing train and bus services to Oldenburg with the Wunderline railway connection. Mutual reinforcement is therefore key in order to accomplish this goal.

The Oldenburg district has already signed the letter of intent. During this signing session, the municipality of Hatten declared to be willing to collaborate in the Mobility Chain Monitoring Programme, as well as to delegate a representative to the Implementation Phase Steering Group. The above mentioned programme aims – among other things – to create financial support for developing a network organisation.

The committee has given its unanimous support to the signing of the letter of intent. Heins is convinced the Wunderline project is most likely to expand the municipality’s network significantly: “In my eyes the project offers great opportunities.”

The next step shall be to present this proposal to the Administrative Committee on 12 June this year. If the committee consents to it, Mayor Dr. Christian Pundt shall subsequently sign the letter of intent.

Image: Nathalie Langer

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