Hude – Last Wednesday, the municipality of Hude was unanimously recommended by its Committee of Municipal Development and Environment to sign a proposed statement of intent regarding the improvement of the mobility chain along the Groningen-Bremen railway line – the Wunderline. In addition, the municipality was advised to financially support the cross-border Wunderline project with an amount up to 1500 euros.

According to Wunderline project manager Tjeerd Postma, a substantial decrease of travelling time between Groningen and Bremen is the project’s immediate goal. During a meeting last Wednesday, he presented all ins and outs regarding the project. He pointed out that the ultimate goal of the Province of Groningen, Lower Saxony as well as the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is to boost the economic development and the quality of life on both sides of the border.

Proper public transportation is of vital importance in this context. The Wunderline is envisaged to be a fast and comfortable railway connection, which shall allow work commuters, students and tourists to travel in a little over two hours from Bremen to Groningen – and vice versa, thus offering a fully-fledged alternative to transportation by car, according to Postma. On the one side the intention here is to enhance the railway network and thus allow the use of high speed regional trains, which will nevertheless stop at as many railway stations as possible. On the other hand, the focus is to improve the quality of the involved railway stations as well. One of the latter includes Hude.

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