European Year of Rail

The year 2021 has been declared the European Year of Rail by the European Union. Throughout the year, (online) events and initiatives will take place in Europe to increase the proportion of people and goods that travel by rail. This is one of the objectives of the European Green Deal.

2021: EU Year of Rail

With the EU Year of Rail, the European Union is drawing attention to the importance of good European rail connections. The aim is to ensure that, after the pandemic, more people and goods travel by train throughout Europe. Wim van de Camp (Ambassador European Year of Rail): “There are great opportunities for the European railways. Only 7% of passengers and 11% of goods in Europe are now transported by rail. (…) I will be making a strong case for this on behalf of the Netherlands this year.”


Besides being safe and comfortable, the train is also an environmentally friendly means of transport. Transport is responsible for a quarter of EU greenhouse gas emissions, but rail transport is responsible for only 0.4% of those emissions. This is because the railways are largely electrified. Railways therefore play a major role in the EU’s efforts to become climate-neutral by 2050. The European Year of Rail has therefore been established to promote the train as a sustainable means of transport.


The Wunderline is very pleased with the European recognition of the importance of sustainable rail transport. In the coming year, various activities will be organised around the Year of Rail, including a Wunderline Community + meeting in the autumn.


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