German and Dutch Members of the European Parliament are promoting the advent of the Wunderline, a faster railway connection between Groningen and Bremen. In a joint statement they emphasise the importance of the Wunderline for both the Northern border region as well as Europe as a whole.

On 27 November Members of the European Parliament and official government executives met during an administrative meeting in Brussels in order to discuss the developments regarding the implementation of the project and its European subsidy application. Due to the Wunderline, future travellers will be able to travel comfortably by train in a little over two hours between Groningen and Bremen. The quality improvement in terms of travelling time reduction as well as higher levels of accessibility and comfort shall contribute to the development of the regional economy as well as boost the Amsterdam-Hamburg railway connection. With the advent of the Wunderline, the ‘missing link’ within the European railway network between the two involved EU countries shall be finally realised.

The Members of the European Parliament Michael Cramer (Die Grünen), Jens Gieseke (CDU), Tiemo Wölken (SPD), David McAllister (CDU), Dr. Joachim Schuster (SPD), Dr. Helga Trüpel (Die Grünen), Dr. Stephan Gehrold (CDU), Peter van Dalen (CU), Wim van de Camp (CDA), Matthijs van Miltenburg (D66) and Jan Huitema (VVD) have signed a joint agreement to this extent.

With their signature, they are expressing their confidence that by the beginning of 2019 concrete agreements shall be made regarding the actual implementation of the Wunderline. The unanimously signed joint call  was offered by a number of Members of the European Parliament to the directly involved governmental officials Henk Staghouwer (Provincial Executive Member – the Province of Groningen), Dr Berend Lindner (State Secretary of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labour, Transportation and Digitalisation) and Mr Jens Deutschendorf (Secretary of State for Environment, Urban Development and Transport of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen) in order to point out the benefit and necessity of the Wunderline for both border regions as well as for Europe as a whole. The Members of the European Parliament consider the Wunderline to be a perfect example of excellent binational collaboration within Europe.

Foto from left to right: Dr. Berend Lindner, Henk Staghouwer, Jens Deutschendorf, Michael Cramer, Dr. Stefan Gehrold, Tiemo Wölken und Wim van de Camp.

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