The Construction Phases

Current situation

The railway connection between Groningen and Bremen covers a total of 173 kilometres, of which 49 kilometres lie on the Dutch side of the border and 124 kilometres on the German side. Travellers between Groningen and Bremen have to change trains in Leer. Up until December 2015, travelling time amounted up to 2 hours and 43 minutes. Since December 2015 however, railway travelling between Weener and Leer is no longer possible after the Friesenbrücke railway bridge was allided and severely damaged by a freight vessel. Travellers are currently offered rail replacement bus services.

Future situation

By 2030 – after the planned adjustments of the railway infra structure have been realised – railway travelling time between Groningen and Bremen shall be reduced to a little over two hours. To this cause, two construction phases shall be implemented, involving an investment of € 128 million, while a direct railway connection also continues to be a feasible option.

Step by step towards realisation

The measures are shown visually below. For more information about the measures on the German side, you can also visit the Deutsche Bahn construction info portal.

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