The faster railway connection between Groningen and Bremen, the so-called Wunderline, can count on a financial contribution in the amount of 12.7 million euros by the European Commission.

Thanks to the Wunderline travelling time to Bremen can – in time – be reduced by half an hour.

Half an hour faster

This new European contribution is designated for the improvement of the railway stretch from Groningen – via Winschoten – to Leer. It will allow trains to reach (maximum) speeds of 130 kilometres per hour. In addition, extra noise protection and safety measures are to be taken.

Previous grant

This new European contribution is added to previous European funds in the amount of 8.3 million euros, granted by Brussels in 2015. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Province of Groningen have in total already provided over 100 million euros funding for the so-called Wunderline.

However, last June the Province of Groningen announced that 19.9 million euros of these funds shall be used to cover other financial deficits resulting from other rail expansion projects in the Province of Groningen.

November 2023

EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc (Transport) expects the go-ahead to be officially given in the near future. The project is scheduled to be completed by November 2023.

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