More and more people in Germany appear to opt for public transportation. At the same time the long distance bus transportation peak seems to be levelling out.

Wiesbaden Never before has bus and train transportation been as popular with travellers and commuters as it was last year. The number of public transportation movements nearly reached 11.4 billion – a new record and an increase of 1.5 percent over the preceding year, as was reported by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany last Monday. On average 31 million travellers were transported each day last year by bus, tram, underground, city and regional trains as well as by InterCitys.

The Federal Statistical Office states that these figures can be explained – inter alia – by a general increase in numbers of working people, schoolchildren and students. According to studies, the number of commuters has actually grown to record levels. In 2015 indeed 60 percent of the whole German workforce proves to have been commuting between their place of residence and their work in another city. In 2000 this number had still been a mere 53 percent.

High numbers of travellers were reached in all types of public transportation – in terms of both short as well as long distance travelling. The number of travellers using regional or city transportation increased by 1.4 percent to 11.2 billion travellers. The most commonly used means of transportation proved to be the bus. The largest increase however can be attributed to the (express) tram, the underground and the train, each reaching an increase of 2.2 percent.

Overall, the number of long distance rail travellers increased by 5.3 percent to 138 million. According to statisticians, this development can be attributed to the introduction of special consumer offers and to the realisation of several railway network expansions. The number of users of long distance buses appears to have increased less than it did in previous years: its 4.3 percent increase – leading to a total of 24 million travellers – appears to be a clear indication that the long-distance bus transportation boom of recent years has passed.

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