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The Wunderline Bid Book

This Bid Book offers an overview of all Wunderline projects, study results, steps towards realisation, and funding as well as of all available facts and figures. Please click here to read the full Bid Book. (Published, 7 February 2019)

Other documentation

Qualitative socio-economic research
The Wunderline proves to have a positive impact on culture, economy, education and tourism and is furthermore also is expected to have the same impact on health care.
(Final Report Socio-economic potential of the Wunderline – 17 May 2017)

The mobility chain

The mobility chain and the Wunderline go hand in hand. Research has been done in this context regarding the current situation of each of the German railway stations along the future Wunderline – from Bunde up to and including Delmenhorst. This study included an assessment of the involved regional developments in the vicinity of the railway stations, the latter’s interconnection with other modes of transportation, the site quality of the railway stations themselves as well as, lastly, of their accessibility. (Mobility chain report – 5 July 2018)

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